Thevenard finish on top

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SHOOTING: Thevenard’s Inika Smart shot against Blues’ Jasmine Miller.Photograph: Ursula Montgomerie.A gradeThevenard defCeduna Blues United 61-37

CEDUNA Blues United startedextremely well with short sharppassing in their attack end to set upa two-goal lead at the first break.

Both teams worked hard defensivelycasing turnovers withThevenard having a two-goal leadat half time.

Positional changes toThevenard worked in their favourwhile two injuries to Blues disruptedtheir controlled play, enablingThevenard to be more settled in thesecond half.

There were good player matchups and contests throughout the first half, which unfortunatelycouldn’t continue in second halfdue to the injuries to Blues.

Best: Thevenard: M. Smart;Ceduna Blues: T. Collins.

Koonibba defWestern United 67-39

Western United began stronglyand scored the first two goals, howeverstrong defensive pressure byKoonibba caused turnovers andtheir goalies finished accurately.

Western United steadied in thesecond quarter with much moreeven play down the court and theirdefenders giving their all againstKoonibba’s height.

A team change seemed to unsettleWestern United in the third andKoonibba capitalised to be up by 27at three-quarter time.

The last quarter saw a good contestwith strong play from bothteams, accurate passes and shooting.

Best: M. Miller, H. Watkins.

B grade

Western United defKoonibba 62-28

Koonibba got the better start ofthe two teams and scored the firstfew goals.

Western United then stepped up,using their height in the goal circleto their advantage.

Koonibba’s attacking endworked well with quick passes intothe ring.

Good defensive pressure fromWestern United, with great finishingfrom their goalies, gave them acomfortable win by 34 goals.

Best: Western United: K.Thomas; Koonibba: C. Peel.

Thevenard def Ceduna Blues UnitedSilver 2 33-32

This was a very evenly contestedgame with the lead see-sawingthroughout the game.

Goalies had to work extremelyhard at both ends as the defenderswere continuously turning over theball.

Thevenard just got the edge inthe dying minutes to come homewith a one-goal win.

Best: Thevenard: K. Woollatt;Ceduna Blues United Silver: J. Miller.

C grade

Western United defThevenard White 49-34

Western United and Thevenardhad a fast start with both goal endsscoring evenly.

Expert shooting fromFairclough and Watson ensured thequarter closed with tight results.

Thevenard shone in the secondquarter however Western Unitedpulled it together in the last half towin convincingly by 15 goals.

Best: Western United: L. Dunn;Thevenard: K. Watson

Thevenard 1 defCeduna Blues United 56-38

A very tight combination hit thecourt for Thevenard.

Blues had to battle hardfor any possession throughout thecourt.

Katrina and Simone battled hardfor rebounds in the Blues’ goal circle.

At half time Blues were 13 goalsdown with the defenders pickingup a few interceptions and thewings feeding quickly into thegoalies. The deficit had beenreduced to 10 goals at three-quartertime.

Thevenard came out strong inthe last quarter with some greatshooting and won by 18 goals.

Best: Thevenard:J. McKenzie;Ceduna Blues United: K. Blums.

D grade

Thevenard White forfeited toCeduna Blues United

Koonibba defWestern United 45-35

Both teams started well fromthe first whistle with Koonibbamaking the most of lose balls totake a five-goal lead at quarter time.

Western United had a great thirdquarter with accurate shooting andstrong defence.

They had a two goal lead atthree-quarter time.

With changes in the fourth quarterKoonibba came out too strongto win by 10 goals.

Best: Koonibba: I. Champion;Western United: A. Gent.

Thevenard def Ceduna Blues United 36-33

Both teams started out strongand shot accurately.

The defenders had a hard jobkeeping the goalies at both endscontained.

Thevenard made a few changes,which saw them have a burst ofgoals.

Blues pegged back in the lastquarter, which saw the final margindiffer by only three goals.

Best: Thevenard: D. Haynes;Ceduna Blues United: J. Savage.

Junior A

Koonibba defWestern United 40-29

A fast-paced game sawKoonibba set the standard for thegame.

All players played their positionswell and the evenness ofcourt play is not indicated by thescore.

Koonibba had a good secondquarter, which set them up for thewin.

Best: Koonibba: T. Carbine;Western United: C. Coote.

Thevenard defCeduna Blues United 41-28

The first half was tightly contestedwith scores even at quartertime and Blues were down by threeat half time.

Thevenard took their lead furtherin the third quarter with well timedleads and accurate passing.

Thevenard were up by nine atthree-quarter time.

Blues were unable toturn the score around and trailed atthe final whistle by 13 goals.

Best: Thevenard: G.Xanthopoulos; Ceduna Blues United: J.Price.

Junior B

Western United defKoonibba 39-23

Western United playedKoonibba in cool conditions atPenong.

Both teams started well withtight, defensive pressure fromWestern United.

Summa and Ria caused a fewfumbles and misses.

Celeste Hubert was everywherein defence and intercepted manytimes for her team.

Jessie Collins applied pressurethrough the midcourt for WesternUnited and Hannah and Danikadrove it down to Hailee and Abbie,who were in the goal ring andshooting beautifully.

Koonibba’s attacking endimproved as the game progressedwith Caitlyn and Tyarna drivinghard and feeding T’Keyah.

However Western United’s leadwas too great in the last quarterwith both teams starting to playscrappy netball.

At the final blow Western Unitedwon by 16 goals.

Best: Western United: H.Nicholls; Koonibba: C. Hubert.

Thevenard Black def ThevenardWhite 2 47-15

Best: Thevenard Black, M.Inglis, Thevenard White, A. Kargas.

Junior C

Western United defKoonibba 55-2

Western United came out fullspeed for the first quarter.

They played a good controlledgame and Koonibba played hard allgame.

Koonibba contested the ball butWestern United were on fire andtook home the points.

Best: Western United: J.Shipard; Koonibba: K. Colbung.

Ceduna Blues United def Thevenard33-15

This was the last game of theseason for both teams so bothcame out strong.

Both teams had lots of changesso play was very unsettled in thesecond quarter with Blues up by sixgoals.

Blues made changes forthe last half and took a further holdon the game.

Both teams worked really hardand never gave up, but Blues wonby 18.

Best: Ceduna Blues United: L. Franks;Thevenard: T. Stott.

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