Prosperitas art at Quakers Hill High

16/11/2018 // by admin

Artful: Quakers Hill High School year 10 students Bhoomika Sreenivasan, Aarya Raghubanshi, Kavya Mathur and Emily Morgan (front) with their art-based Prosperitas projects. Picture: Natalie RobertsArt was well represented in Quakers Hill High School’s Prosperitas showcase.

Guidelines for the six-month program, which sees teachers mentor the year 7 to 10 school’s students in special projects of their choice, are painted in broad strokes.

‘‘You open the door and they just fly,’’ said program co-ordinator Karen Critchley.

‘‘We ask them ‘What are you capable of that we can’t see and that we’re not going to cover in class?’’’

This year’s art include a series of photographic portraits of dancers by year 10 student Emily Morgan and Essence of excellence, a painting Boomika Sreenivasan and Kavya Matthur will gift to the school when they graduate year 10.

‘‘It was to express how we feel about the school, how much we both have learnt over the years,’’ Kavya said.

Emily, who hopes to start a photographic business, said the project helped her cope with the pressures of schoolwork.

‘‘Going out and doing a photo shoot took a lot of stress away,’’ she said.

‘‘Because I connect with dance it made the experience so much better.’’

Year 7 student Elliot Luckman used oil paints on canvas to depict scenes from Ned Kelly films, and words from the famous Jerilderie penned by fellow bush ranger and friend Joe Byrne for him in 1879.

‘‘I’m quite intrigued by the history of Ned Kelly because when I read my first biography of him it was from the point of view of another child,’’ he said.

Year 7 students Kopal Mathur created a self-sustaining environment for goldfish, while Kaitlyn Hockey, in year 10, researched ancient and modern architecture then created a computer program for students to design their own buildings.

A poetry anthology and a few novels were also written for the project and published online.

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