Child protection officers reach Gammy’s parents, David and Wendy Farnell

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Baby Gammy with his Thai surrogate mother, Pattharamon Janbua. Photo: Apichart Weerawong Child protection officers arrive at the South Bunbury home. Photo: James Taylor

Child protection services have finally made contact with the biological parents of baby Gammy and have no immediate reason to fear for the safety of his twin sister who was brought back to Australia.

West Australian Child Protection Minister Helen Morton said officers had made contact with David and Wendy Farnell, a couple accused of abandoning their critically ill baby with a Thai surrogate.

They have denied they abandoned seven-month-old baby Gammy when they brought his healthy twin sister home to the seaside town on Bunbury.

‘‘We’ve had telephone contact with the family and we’re in the process of putting other arrangements in place,’’ Ms Morton told Fairfax Media’s 6PR radio on Thursday.

Child protection officers have been door-knocking the Farnells’ family home since news of the international surrogacy scandal broke last week.

Pressure was mounting for authorities to track down the family, who have gone to ground, after revelations biological father David John Farnell was a convicted child molester.

Ms Morton said her department was assessing all options including whether the twin baby girl needed to have a safety protection plan or at the highest extreme, needed to be removed from the family.

‘‘The options would include everything from putting a really well developed safety plan around the child if necessary in the home situation or it could range right up to anything to do with the child living away from the home,’’ she said.

When asked whether she believed the baby girl was safe in the care of the Bunbury couple she said there was no evidence to suggest otherwise.

‘‘This family needs the opportunity to have the considerations around the safety and wellbeing of that child undertaken in a really private, comfortable environment for them and really our very major interest is the wellbeing of the child and that’s what we’re pursuing at the moment.’’

The minister said she was also aware the Farnells were in the process of putting together a statement with their side of the story.

Fairfax Media broke the news of the impending statement after speaking to David Farnell’s son on Wednesday night.

‘‘We are aware about the statement,’’ she said.

She said the process of examining the suitability of the Farnells as parents would take a more than several weeks.

‘‘All of the issues that might need to be considered will be considered in this process and the process will take a reasonable length of time,’’ she said.

She also added that she was not aware the parents had acted illegally in any way.

‘‘This is not something we would be seeking to have any further public comment about for the time being or any further public scrutiny around privacy and confidentiality.’’

The contact with the family came as the son of David Farnell spoke for the first time to defend his father.

The son told Fairfax Media that he remained very close to his father despite revelations his father served jail time for indecently assaulting two young girls in the 1980s.

‘‘I can tell you how good of a father my dad was towards us. He’s amazing. He’s brought the best out of all of us kids,’’ the son, who did not wish to be named, said.

‘‘He’s just got a massive heart. He’s made mistakes, we’ve accepted it … he’s made up for them.

‘‘For everything to be brought back up [is] pretty heartbreaking to be honest.’’ He said his father and his wife would soon issue a statement outlining their side of the story.

‘‘The statement will cover everything, it will clear everything up,’’ he said.

‘‘You aren’t going to get any information whatsoever out of any family members until dad and Wendy have made their statement.’’

Court documents released on Wednesday night revealed Mr Farnell was convicted of 15 indecent assault charges in 1997.

The Supreme Court of Western Australia documents detail how the electrician held ‘‘secretive meetings’’ with the girls in a garden shed or at home, where he touched them inappropriately and forced them carry out sexual acts.

A large throng of local and interstate media remained camped outside the couple’s family home on Mossop Street on Thursday afternoon.

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Christopher Pyne’s speech on higher education reform a missed opportunity

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Education Minister Christopher Pyne at the National Press Club. Photo: Andrew MearesChristopher Pyne’s National Press Club speech on Wednesday was an opportunity for the Education Minister to show an open mind and recognise there could be valid and genuinely held alternative views on a package of higher education changes that will transform the sector completely and irreversibly.

Regrettably, this opportunity was not taken up. In fact, he dug himself in further by claiming the package was “essential for the future prosperity of the nation”, which makes one wonder why it wasn’t mentioned in the election campaign last September.

I am a vice-vhancellor who has progressively moved towards a position of outright opposition to the changes as my hopes of an acceptable compromise have diminished. These hopes are now at near vanishing point, so even if I am the only one in the sector, I think it right to distance myself from what appears to be the negotiating stance of Universities Australia and condemn the measures as a complete package, even if there are individual details that could be acceptable.

Students seem almost incidental to the debate, but I think they should be at the centre of it. We are about to inflict grievous damage on the prospects of a generation of young Australians by saddling them with enormous debt; and this is being shrugged off as a mildly distasteful consequence.

When Columbia University’s Professor Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel prize-winner for economics, urges Australia not to take this direction, as he did last month, citing his own country as an example of what to avoid, we should listen. And if I have to choose between Stiglitz and Pyne, I go for Stiglitz.

Even if the worst of the proposals concerning the HECS-HELP scheme is ameliorated (ie the proposal for compound interest at the bond rate with no suspension possibility and no debt-ceiling), fee deregulation will push up the average level of student debt considerably. It has to, because so many universities are supporting fee deregulation in order to fund their future research.

Why on earth today’s students should fund a university’s research tomorrow is quite beyond me. Thank heavens this is Canberra 2014, not Paris 1968.

We are told, yet again, that there will be an extra 80,000 higher education students a year supported by the Commonwealth. There won’t be. Some of these places are for sub-degrees, and many of the kinds of students who would enrol in sub-degrees are enrolling straight into degrees instead. Whichever kind of course they choose, they won’t be extra numbers in higher education.

Furthermore, even if it would be better for students who are less academically ready to go into diplomas first, if a university is going to receive 100 per cent of the Commonwealth Grants Scheme amount for a bachelor place and, say, 60-70 per cent, for a sub-degree place, why would it divert students in this way? It would be better to provide added support to first-year bachelors students who need it and draw on the higher rate of funding.

I don’t know where the rest of the 80,000 students are going to come from. My impression is that we have nearly exhausted the eligible population, and we are already doing damage to the vocational sector. We will end up a nation of degree-holders who can’t find a plumber, unless they retrain to become one (and probably, by then, increase their earning power). There will be a declining rate of return for a bachelor degree at the same time as an increasing level of debt. There will be a backlash, I assure you, but it will be too late.

On Wednesday, Pyne made a plea to the Senate crossbenchers to support the reforms. I make a plea to them to reject them outright, and then have a sensible conversation about the future of higher education.

The government might now be listening to Professor Bruce Chapman over the HECS scheme, but why didn’t they ask him beforehand, as the obvious world expert, right on our doorstep? The National Commission of Audit called for a conversation about fee deregulation which might take up to 12 months. Why didn’t the government do this, instead of launching into a massive proposal that it hadn’t flagged a few months earlier at a federal election?

The fact is, we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into, the whole thing is rushed, universities are being cajoled into a compromise position so as to try and salvage something from the mess, and we are jumping at our own shadows.

An earlier generation of vice-chancellors would have stood up for students. I say, reject the whole set of proposals, on their behalf, and then let’s talk.

Professor Stephen Parker is the vice-chancellor of the University of Canberra.

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Around the grounds August 7

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Ladies’ Golf

Karen Oehlers and Meg Simpson won the Canadian Foursomes event last Wednesday, July 30 with 79 and two-eighths. Wendy Jackson and Wendy George were the runners up.

It was an interesting event to play and even more interesting to figure out the final nett score. The mathematical parts of our brains were working overtime as we had to divide and subtract with fractions.

Next week’s golf is a Stroke Event for the Golden Jubilee competition and the starter is Pip White.

Julie Walker

Men’s Golf

The final of the monthly mug with the CT Electric’s Day was played on Sunday, August 3.

The winner with a great score of 41 points was Jake Ellis. Runner up was Ashley Little.

Nearest the pin on the 7th was Jake Ellis and on the 10th Bruce Coppock.

Next Sunday, August 10 is an individual Par and on Sunday, August 24 find a partner for the Westpac Helicopter two person Ambrose.

Tickets are on sale for the Golf Presentation on August 23.

The Captain

Junior Golf

Only one Guyra Golfer travelled to Gunnedah on the weekend to take part in the Jack Newton Junior Golf Order of Merit Competition.

Tori Brazier joined other golfers from the New England region and came gross runner up in the nine hole junior girls competition. Tori is still on top of the leader board in the order of Merit for the New England region.

Next event in the Jack Newton Order of Merit series will be held in Uralla on August 24. All players are welcome. This is always a great day so any juniors wishing to play can call Adam Brennan 0408792429 or the Uralla Golf Club.

Adam Brennan

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Help is at hand for the homeless

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A REGIONAL FIRST: Southern Cross Community Housing chief executive officer Marg Kaszo, former Shoalhaven mayor Paul Green MLC and Women’s Refuge manager Michelle Miran cut the ribbon and call Shoalhaven’s first homeless person information kiosk open for business.A NEW piece of technology was launched in Nowra on Tuesday that could help some of the Shoalhaven’s 200 homeless people.

As part of National Homeless Person’s Week a touch screen kiosk was installed at Nowra Mall.

The kiosk provides information about where to get a bed for the night, a meal, or how to access local support services through the Path2Home community directory.

Former Shoalhaven mayor Paul Green MLC cut the ribbon on the kiosk.

Mr Green is the chairman of the inquiry into Homelessness and Social Public Affordable Housing.

He said there were about 100,000 homeless people in Australia and hoped technology like the kiosk could help point some of them in the right direction.

“Let’s give them a hand up not a hand out,” he said.

“It doesn’t end here, it’s just part of the process of getting people back on their feet.”

Rosa Women’s Refuge secured the funding for the kiosks and handed them over to Community Housing to install and manage in Nowra and Ulladulla.

Women’s Refuge manager Michelle Miran said the kiosks were not just for vulnerable people in the community but could be used to prevent people becoming homeless in some cases.

“It’s not that we don’t have many services in the Shoalhaven, we do,” she said.

“But we often find people don’t know where they are.

“Hopefully these kiosks will be of use to people before they become homeless.”

Southern Cross Community Housing chief executive officer Marg Kaszo thanked the businesses, council and the community for helping create the Path2Home directory and installing the kiosk.

She said the easy-to-use technology could be added to and updated over time.

“In terms of more ways we can help people access help, these kiosks will be an asset to the Shoalhaven,” she said.

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COLUMNEternity Matters

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They say in war there are no real winners. This makes sense when we think about all the “collateral damage” which happens when nations resort to violence. We read about what goes on in far away countries and may think we are safe from the fighting but the tragedy of flight MH17 reminds us that war can have even more far-reaching effects than we realise.

Of late, there has been much coverage in the press with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is complicated, it goes back a long way and as long as it continues, there can be no real winners. Regardless of the ends, children being killed is always bad and we struggle to see how it can be justified. It is also really hard to see how continuing a national blood feud can ever have a good ending unless one considers genocide a virtue.

Perhaps it would have been better if the media could have reminded us that 52 years ago this week, Nelson Mandela was put in prison. Many thought he would face the death penalty but instead, he remained locked up for the next 27 years. When he was finally released, Mandela was elected president and is credited for the relatively peaceful transition of political power. While many expected retaliation for past wrongs, he instead urged forgiveness and reconciliation. Those who have watched the movie Invictus will be reminded of how Mandela not only wanted to move on, but encouraged his people to seek unity, not revenge.

Christians are reminded of these words, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:43-45 NIV). We also have a stern warning to forgive because if we don’t then God can’t forgive us (Matthew 6:14-15). The world need to see that there can be a better way and as followers of Jesus, we need to show that it can be done.


All brickbats, bouquets and banter welcome at [email protected]老域名出售

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Cooking up a top local government week

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LOCAL Government Week is under way in Gunnedah with a number of events marking the NSW event.

Councillors and council staff took part in a Council Cook Up yesterday,, offering residents a chance to have a chat and a free sausage.

Council set up a barbecue in front of the Smithurst Theatre.

Other activities have included a colouring-in competition for kids and toddler time at the library on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

A Meet and Greet event for new residents in Gunnedah will be held on Sunday in conjunction with the Sunday Sessions and Markets.

The Meet and Greet session will include information booths from about 20 community groups.

The session is designed to give new – and existing – residents, a chance to discover what the Gunnedah community has to offer.

The event will be held from 10am until 4pm at the Gunnedah Kennel Club Grounds on the corner of View and South streets.

For more information, contact Gunnedah Shire Council or visit www.infogunnedah老域名出售.au

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The value of team work and sportsmanship

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Well, I have been keeping track of the goings on with the Australian Commonwealth Games team in Glasgow Scotland. There has been some very spirited competition on display with the values of team work and sportsmanship very evident throughout. These very values are, week in week out, displayed here in Guyra on the soccer fields from our junior players.

I have also been watching with some interest the celebrations that have been taking place on completion of the games in Glasgow, particularly the antics of one Genevieve LaCaze who jumped on stage and began dancing with Kylie Minogue during game closing celebrations. Genevieve was quickly escorted off stage by security; I know how she feels, I tried to dance recently with our very own Kylie, wife of club president Mr Colin Stanley, only to be very quickly escorted away by her associated security, Bronte and Kade. I will limit my celebrations from now on to watching the ‘Rock’ dancing in the bar from afar, probably from over near the TAB machine. (Only kidding Leah)

I know it is usually only really early when the under 16 Pumas run out on the field but we are going to have to come up with some sort of strategy to get them moving a little better for the first half of their games. Another week and yet another poor start from the Pumas.

My thoughts once again go back to those Western Suburbs Roy Masters times; I think Shae Stewart would be well suited in leading this kind of warm up for the Pumas. Now you know I am only joking FFA, however we will have to work something out to get this team switched on. Another week where the Pumas were LETHARGIC, NON COMMUNICATIVE, DULL, and INEFFECTIVE in the first half.

Down on the score board and looking a shellacking in the face, the Pumas finally ground into gear and started to play the soccer we know they are capable of, giving their opponents quite a little shock in the process. Would not it be lovely to see them play this way for an entire game? The final score was a 3–2 loss for the slumbering Pumas.

Actually I feel a name change on the cards if things do not improve. How about the under 16 Sloths? Now that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it. Sorry I just couldn’t go with the old positive, negative, positive spin; just sometimes it needs to be said as it is.

Scoring for Guyra after the big sleep was Kourtnee McFarlane and with a cracker of a shot from outside the box, Brodie Harman. (They always tell you about the crackers but never about the ordinary misses don’t they Brode; he only had three of those apparently.)

Daniel Smith was unlucky on the day having numerous shots on goal with no joy. Ben Lennon filled in for the Pumas in goals, thanks Bennie. Those playing the best for Guyra were Shae and Alex Stewart along with Brodie Harman.

Hey Dasha, you guys sell cattle prods at Dasha’s Hardware and General Needs don’t you?

Twice in less than a week the under 12 Titans ran out onto “the pitch” as my pseudo little pommy mate Hayden would say, to face the might of the under 12 A’s TAS side. Now this TAS side had not been beaten all year and I for one thought that our Titans would not be able to pass this thought from mind. However as my wife often says “wrong again Murray” the Titans drew with and then defeated their opposition with some fantastic soccer displayed.

Due to commitments in far flung climes, the Titans this week were not run by Adam but by the Coaching master team of Jeffrey Richo Richardson and Ian ‘Glen Innes don’t look up my kilt’ Hope. Adam was not happy to miss this game and rang approximately 13 times during its course for updates.

Apparently the TAS boys appeared a little shocked by our girl power during the match with Maddi Morgan and Gemma Sisson simply outstanding. Others to mention were Braiden Crawford up front alongside BJ Cameron who scored both our goals. Bennie Lennon, Taylor Brennan and Jackson Clark all played their normal up tempo games, with Craybob Hope also making a guest appearance with some style. Carly Gigantor Harman and her diminutive sidekicks, Ash Richardson and Bronte Stanley held fast against their opposing players with everyone on the Titans team receiving a point in this dominant display. Nice to see them backing their ability.

A quality 2 all draw last Saturday for the under 12 Dragons who also were a little slow it seems to start. Very flat in the first half according to regular coach Mr Stanley, the side was this week run by a seemingly busy man last Saturday Mr Ian Hope. These Glen Innes folk have certainly made themselves at home, thankfully, over the past couple of seasons, we are very lucky to have their continued support.

Scoring for the Dragons were: Braith Kliendienst and Myles Williams with a goal apiece. Kade Stanley was very strong in the backs with Myles the pick of the players up front. Great in goals for Guyra was Sam Skipper in the first half and Mathew Sisson in the second. Another of our Guyra sides that stepped it up in the second stanza of play, they also need to come up with a little more consistency in their play.

With no junior soccer responsibilities this past week, with a bye for the under 10 Rockets and an unfortunate forfeit for the under 10 Grizzleys due to lack of players (school excursion), Mr Tyrone Clough was certainly nowhere near as busy as Mr Hope, although apparently he was kept very busy over in Narrabri that very afternoon.

Mrs Kellie Lockyer was a fill-in coach this week for the under 9 Gladiators in what was to be a very closely fought encounter with no allowable winner published. Outstanding in defence for the Gladiators this week was; Connie Dugdale, Tom Gellie and Charlotte Burling. Amelia Wake was sensational up front for the Gladiators causing havoc with some fantastic soccer. Kellie stated that it was a pleasure to be associated with a group of kids such as this and was impressed with their sportsmanship.

Ravaged by sickness during the week, the under 8 Coyotes dragged themselves out of bed to compete last Saturday. It seems as though the opposition were perhaps in a similar situation starting the game short of players but finding numbers as the game progressed. Ryan Heagney scored several quality goals throughout the game. Piper Starr played extremely well in what was to be a very sound team performance.

They certainly are a sharing group these kids, with our Lil Caspers also consumed by the influenza bug that appears to be pillaging the junior ranks. Best on field this week for the Lil Caspers were; Finlay Tibbs and Jack Lockyer. Our coaches are certainly hopeful that next week brings with it a group of well rested and healthy players.

No news from the under 7 Strikers or the under 7 Geckos this week unfortunately, I hope to catch up with both of these sides next week. Another side to succumb to the dreaded lurgy was the under 7 Galaxy who had to forfeit their game due to illness. We certainly hope that everyone is back on deck for next week’s competition.

Another of our sides to be down on numbers this week was the under 6 Sharks with only three players available. It is with great thanks from Brodie that this side is run every Saturday by the parents, particularly Mr Clark, with Brodie unavailable due to soccer commitments of his own. The Sharkies played very well last week with Blake Raper, Darecy Heagney and Lachlan Clark all combining well on the field.

No news this week from the under 7 Ghosts or Giants. You would think that perhaps you would see some of them and feel or hear the others but not this week I am afraid.

A great performance again last Saturday from the under 6 Hornets with Coach Ryan impressed by the team’s cohesiveness, (that’s her word not mine, she is a teacher you know). This side were frequently and accurately passing to one another during the game scoring a combined total of 12 goals. Scoring for Guyra was; Tommy Ryan 6, Archer Starr 3, George Bradford 2 and Charlie Ward 1.

It was truly a great team effort with players positioning themselves well in attack and defence as well as having a lot of fun. I am certainly looking forward to taking in a lot of these junior games this coming weekend.

Draw for Saturday, August 9:

Under 6

Guyra Ghost V DK Warriors – Guyra 3 at 09:00am, Guyra Giants V Nth Armidale Fury – Guyra 2 at 09:00am, Guyra Hornets V Uralla Scooters – Guyra 3 at 09:50am, Guyra Sharks V DK Squires – Guyra 2 at 09:50am.

Under 7:

Guyra Strikers V Nth Armidale Corsairs – Guyra 8 at 09:00am. Guyra Galaxy V Guyra Geckos – Guyra 8 at 09:45am.

Under 8:

Guyra Lil Caspers V DK Camelots – Guyra 5 at 09:00am, Guyra Coyotes V DK Kings – Guyra 5 at 09:50am.

Under 9:

Guyra Gladiators V Nth Armidale Red Rover – Guyra 4 at 09:00am

Under 10:

Guyra Rockets V Uralla Jets – Guyra 7 at 09:00am, Guyra Grizzleys V Nth Armidale Red Socks – Guyra 7 at 10:10am.

Under 12:

Guyra Dragons V Nth Armidale Vikings – Guyra 6 at 09:00am, Guyra Titans V Nth Armidale Spirit – Guyra 1 at 10:10am.

Under 16:

Guyra Pumas V TAS 16B’s – Guyra 1 at 08:30am.

Murray Harman

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Crudine man sentenced for assault

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A man charged with two counts of assault after he initially rang police claiming to be the victim of the incident with his partner, was sentenced in Mudgee Local Court on Friday, July 25, 2014.

Jason Allan Miller, 45, of Crudine Road, Crudine, was sentenced to 12-months good behaviour for the charges.

At about 7.49pm on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, Miller called police claiming that he’d been attacked by his partner.

Police arrived at the rural location at about 8.30pm and spoke with him, he also said that his partner had left the premises.

When his partner was arrested she gave a different version of events and claimed that it was Miller who had hit and pushed her.

At about 12.30pm on Friday, February 14, 2014, Miller attended Rylstone Police Station where he was made aware of the allegations, arrested and taken to Mudgee Police Station.

He was interviewed and supplied a similar version of events that he supplied on the night of the incident.

Following a hearing at Mudgee Local Court Miller was convicted and sentenced of two counts of ‘Common assault’.

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Let’s welcome home our golden girls of Hockey

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Emily and Kellie Photo by Ady KerryTOMORROW, Friday August 8, everyone is invited to celebrate the achievements of our Hockeyroos members, Kellie White and Emily Smith as we welcome them home in a grand way with their gold medals.

All is now set for a street parade, meet and greet and shire presentations.

“Everyone from Crookwell and surrounding areas are so proud of Kellie and Emily; their performance as part of the Hockeyroo’s side has been outstanding,” said Mayor Shaw. “This is our opportunity to show our local pride and support for these two talented international athletes that just so happen to be born and bred in Crookwell,” said Mayor Shaw.

Below is a brief timeline of the plans for the day


Kellie and Emily will be visiting Viewhaven Lodge to speak with the residents


The Street Parade will commence from the Visitors Information Centre (bottom of Goulburn Street) and then around to the Memorial Park.


Street Parade finishes at the Memorial Park

Meet and greet with Emily and Kellie (to show off their bling!)

Brief Biography of achievements of Emily and Kellie presented

Presentations by schools


Council presentations (by Mayor John Shaw)


Students needing to catch buses home, catch buses from the Park, buses will be arranged to collect all students that are required to catch buses from the Park.

Bring along any items you would like to have signed by Emily and Kellie (ie hockey sticks, stick bags, autograph books)


A civic reception will be held at the Crookwell Services Club for supporters to attend.


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Ladies bowls report

24/04/2020 // by admin

This week saw the first round of the 2014 Triples Championships and congratulations to the winners of the first match Barbara Lincoln, Carol Carnevale and Bev Shields over Ruth Bullock, Dawn Barry and Judy Bateman.

Next week sees the remainder of the field play.

Only four social bowlers this week – where was everyone when it was such a beautiful day to be on the green?

The raffle this week was won by Jeanette Short.

Good luck to the girls going to Dubbo Railway tomorrow to their gala day.

Next week there is a two-day triples carnival at Trangie on Wednesday and Thursday.

The card is on the board for Una Dalton Day to be held at Narromine on August 26.

Please see that you have your name down if you wish to play.

There are no birthdays this week and the lunch roster for next Tuesday is Heather McIntyre and Judy Bateman.

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