LETTER: Time to check meter motive

09/07/2018 // by admin


I RECENTLY received a letter from Ausgrid advising that the electricity meter installed at my house is due for maintenance and may need replacement.

I phoned the number provided and was told the hot water meter was the one in question.

If the meter tested OK, I asked, was it to be left as is? ‘‘No,’’ was the reply, ‘‘it will be replaced.’’

Pardon me for being cynical, but I suspect Ausgrid is preparing to install smart meters.

I had a run-in with Ausgrid a couple of years ago regarding ‘‘selection’’ of my house for a trial of a smart meter, telling them in no uncertain terms that I was not interested.

The situation has not changed.

The reasons or excuses given to me regarding this so-called maintenance was that they randomly check meters: Some may be faulty, so they replace the lot.

In my opinion, if the meter tests OK, it should be left alone.

Otherwise one could suspect they are targeting households where usage has been reduced to save money.

John Hanley,

Rankin Park

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