LETTER: Put major projects on hold

09/07/2018 // by admin


SURELY the government must see that all major developments in Newcastle must be put on hold until the ICAC has finished its work (‘‘Bagged: Mayor defiant as MPs step aside’’ Herald 7/8).

This would include changing the rail line or building what I believe are ugly towers, etc.

Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.

In my opinion, until we get the ICAC findings, the suggestion that there were expectations of favours attached to the illegal donations remains, and that the process of good government decision making has been possibly compromised.

The only way forward is to wait until we know exactly who gave what to whom and also what projects they have a stake in.

Imagine how it will look for the government if it becomes clear that an illegal donor gained an advantage directly from a strange state government decision.

The move to truncate heavy rail at Wickham and replace it with trams and buses would be a perfect example.

Robin Hay,


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