LETTER: Anguish over tax returns

09/07/2018 // by admin


THE government’s new E Tax 2014 does not work. Sure, it will let me answer all me questions. But it won’t let me lodge your claim.

I am no rocket scientist or computer expert, but I easily managed to do my tax return for 2012 and 2013 on my computer using E Tax.

Whoever devised this new E Tax system needs to take another look at it.

They have caused so much anger and frustration in the community, not to mention the cost of a new E Tax system that doesn’t work.

So now do we have to go back to doing our tax returns on a form and posting them to the tax department?

What a technological backwater this country is.

If a new government can’t get a simple thing right like a computer program for our tax returns, what hope do we have?

If we are lucky we might get our tax returns for last financial year before the end of this financial year.

But don’t hold your breath waiting.

Noel Bush,

Kurri Kurri

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