Great battles at netball

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KARATE KID: Bridget Grimes (K) balances on the sideline in 13&U. Photograph: Sean McGowan Deanna Rice (W) leaps towards the ball in C grade. Photograph: Sean McGowan

A grade

Dudley United 48 defParndana 34

Parndana came out to post an early lead in thefirst few minutes of the game but Stacey Dezen(DU) took some important intercepts to bring thegame back to an even quarter.

Parndana made mistakes in the second quarterwith Dudley United capitalising on them.Emma Gaskin (P) ran hard at WA. Dudley Unitedwas up by three goals at the half time break.

Dudley United played the steadier netball inthe third quarter. Julie Helyar and Tash Boxerwere back in goals together after a week off forDudley United.

Phillipa Kelly (P) shot some lovely goals aftera long break from netball and Emma Watters (P)was strong in defence and turned the ball over onseveral occasions for Parndana.

Parndana made positional changes in the lastquarter but Dudley United applied pressure alldown the court making it hard for Parndana to getthe ball into the goalies.

Julie Helyar played a strong game for DudleyUnited at GS. It was a great game to watch withDudley United winning by 14 goals.

Wisanger 54 def Kingscote 41

Kingscote got off to a good start but Wisangerpegged them back with accurate shooting.

There was very quick, intense play in the firstquarter.

The ball was being fed into Wisanger goaliesvery well, giving them a nine goal lead at halftime.

With the rain coming down in the second half,Wisanger extended its lead with strong defensivepressure.

Their lead extended to 21 at three-quartertime.

The rainy conditions meant an adjustment ofplay by both teams, Kingscote tackling this betterthan Wisanger.

With a wet last quarter, Kingscote made a fewturn-overs, shortening Wisanger’s lead to 13 at thefinal siren.

B grade

Parndana 52 def DudleyUnited 26

Parndana had a small lead at quarter timewith some clean intercepts.

Dudley fought back, shooting well.

Della Childs ran hard in the centre for DU.

Parndana’s third quarter very strong with Parndanaleading 35-18.

There were some great intercepts by LibertyTouhy (DU) but Parndana finished too strong.Thanks to umpires Kim Berlin and Mardi Sieckmann.

Wisanger 46 def Kingscote 28

Kingscote started the game strongly withsome good defence by Skye Wickham and HannahMorgan, applying pressure to both Wisangergoalies. Wisanger settled in the second term makingsome clear leads in the goals and with accurateshooting, Wisanger lead by 10 at half time.Wisanger maintained tight defence in the secondhalf, forcing some good turnovers. Excellent driveby Wisanger’s Catherine Bennett and GeorgiaSwayne down the court. Wisanger finished well.

C grade

Wisanger 37 defKingscote 34

The first quarter was played very fast withWisanger defending strongly and shooting accurately.

Kingscote played hard to be only two behind.

Kingscote continued to contest the ball withsome competitive intercepts in Wisanger’s goalthird.

The rain made the ball and court slippery andslowed the pace.

It was a very close game at three-quarter-timewith Kingscote leading by one.

There was determination from both sides inthe final quarter but Wisanger managed to scorefrom a couple of turnovers to win by three.

D grade

Dudley United 34 defParndana 33

It was a very even first quarter. Amy Hollittshot well for Parndana and Tanya Thomas convertedwell for Dudley United at GA.

Rachel Thomas (DU) took lots of intercepts incentre. Parndana outplayed Dudley in the secondquarter and led by six at half time.

Dudley made lots of positional changes at halftime and played much better in the third quarter.

Kristy Pamenter (DU) provided a good targetin goals and converted well. Meg Clark (P) providedlots of drive through the centre. Scores wereeven at three-quarter-time.

The final quarter was a nail-biter with theteams going goal for goal. Dudley managed to geta goal ahead with 15 seconds to go and won by onegoal.

Kingscote 45 def Wisanger 23

It was a warm sunny day out atWisanger for the early game betweenWisanger and Kingscote, with Kingscotewinning the toss to take the first centrepass.

It was a fast paced quarter withWisanger down by one at the break.

The second quarter saw Kingscote geta few quick goals, with Wisanger strugglinga bit to get the ball to the goalies andscore. Half time saw Kingscote up byeight.

With confidence rising, Kingscotecould sense an upset looming and dominatedin the third with quick play andscoring.

Wisanger still pushed hard and triedto get back into the game. Kingscote tooka strong lead going into the last quarter.

All the players began to tire in thewarm conditions.

The score line did not reflect the standardof play shown by both sides withWisanger trying hard all game and determinednot to give up.

Michelle Barrett and Marissa Tarcashot beautifully all game for Kingscote.

Rhiannon Hartman and HannahDavidson shot well for Wisanger as didMikayla West when swapping from C toGA.

Leese Karran and Pauline Ward defendedwell for Kingscote all game.

Wisanger defenders tried hard allgame. Thanks to fill in players forWisanger, Kathy Wooley, Sarah Hateleyand Kiri Lockett. A well-deserved win forKingscote, their first for season 2014.


Parndana 48 def DudleyUnited 26

Parndana lead well in the first quarterand were very strong in the goal ring.

Dudley tried to hold pressure, havingsome good forms of play.

In the second quarter, Parndana wasconsistent and Dudley came more into thegame, fighting hard to keep themselveswithin a reasonable score.

There was a great battle between GA,Georgie Horjus (P) and GD, Liberty Tuohy(DU).

The third quarter saw very low scoringfrom both teams. Great effort from bothumpires making it good for the game.

Wisanger def Kingscote

In spite of the lovely sunny morning,both teams struggled to score for the firstten minutes. Then Wisanger had a run ofseven goals.

Great defence by Matilda Southgate(K) kept Kingscote in the game.

Kingscote’s Lili Barrett shot well.

Wisanger soon got their team play goingwithSarah Hateley and Kiri Lockett comingon for Wisanger.

There was fantastic play in the ring byLouise Davidson and Kaitlyn Florance, tokeep Wisanger well ahead at half time.

Third quarter was fast and Kingscotehad two injuries. Wisanger continued toshoot well.

Kingscote showed lots of fighting spiritbut Wisanger was just too strong.


Dudley United 32 defParndana 20

Shae Viney Obst (P) shot strongly andTarryn Putland (P) provided drive in thecentre.

Dudley United fought back in the secondquarter with Mia Helyar’s (DU)height with Charlotte Nesfield (DU) givingthe goalies problems.

The scores were even at half time.Taj Rongo for Parndana was strong aswas GD, Chantel Leonhardt making MiaHelyar work hard for Dudley.

Dudley made positional changes,Hayler Geisler (DU) and Abi Willson (DU)strong in defence and Amy Thomas (DU)and Mia Helyar (DU) dominant in goals,to surge ahead in last quarter.


Kingscote Black 21 defWisanger 17

This was a good game to watch withboth teams displaying good team work.

Wisanger had the edge in the firstquarter with good passing to the ring andaccurate goal shooting to lead six to four.

Liana Cockshell and Kali Turner forWisanger were controlling the centre andplayed well all day.

Kingscote outscored Wisanger six tofour in the second quarter, making thescores 10-all at the half time break.

Kingscote continued to apply the pressureand get a good flow on play goingwith Kayla Ingerson dominating the goalthird in goal attack.

Wisanger’s defence fell away in thelast quarter and Kingscote took advantageof this with continued pressure andgoal shooting by Kayla to run out the winners21-17.

Seraphina Snowball up from Net SetGo tried hard for Wisanger in wing defence.

Net Set Go

Parndana vWestern Districts

Both teams played very well. IieshaKuchel (P) played well everywhere on thecourt. Amahli Whale (WD) played wellwith Evie Hammat (WD) in goals.

Kingscote v Wisanger

It was a fast game by Wisanger andKingscote.

Tahlia Florance (W) in her first gamefor Net Set Go displayed excellent defendingskills and Brooke Millar (W) also new,scored her first goal.

Even though defence was tight fromWisanger’s Tayah Shurven, Zahli Neighbourand Emma Shadlow got the goals infor Kingscote.

Gracie Kaupilla (W) and Zoe Berden(W) worked hard in the centre court andwere well supported by Seraphina Snowballand Alex Wheaton.

Scarlett Johnston and Milli Hassandefended well in the goals for Kingscotewith strong team play from Camilla Lovison,Amber Nimmo and Olivia Stewart. Agreat game by all girls.

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