Future governments need compassion

01/07/2018 // by admin

I was shocked to read in Sunraysia Daily (Saturday, August 2nd) that our Member for Mallee, Andrew Broad, considers people who think our society should be “more equitable and caring” are “misguided” and “communist”.

Maybe Mr Broad is content that the top 5 per cent earn as much wealth in Australia as the bottom 40 per cent?

Perhaps he is in the top 5 per cent?

This may explain why he disparages greater equality.

I do not agree that wanting us to become a more fair, just, compassionate and caring society is “communist”, Mr Broad.

The choices and decisions made by the government of the day on our behalf impact on all our lives.

However, many agree that less care and concern is shown than in former times for those who struggle and are most vulnerable in our society.

But we certainly do not need the big stick of “communism” to force us to develop more caring policies.

The Australian Council of Social Services Chief Executive Cassandra Goldie stated that “the budget will hurt those that could least afford it … you will see an acceleration of inequality.”

Inequality is not a fact of nature but is caused by government policies, regulations and tax laws put in place on behalf of us all which directly impact on the community in which we live.

In Australia, inequality is rising.

The article also refers to The Australian Bureau of Statistics which has revealed that the richest 7 people in Australia hold more wealth than the 1.73 million households in the bottom 20 per cent, the wealthiest 20 per cent of households account for 61 per cent of total household wealth.

And in the last decade, the richest 10 per cent in our society received more income tax cuts than the bottom 80 per cent combined.

And the current unemployment benefit is 20 per cent below the poverty line, the lowest of all OECD countries.

Mr Broad decries addressing inequality because he believes it will “lower everyone to the same level” and would be “communist”.

This is a very simplistic view and I hope for all our sakes that our present and future governments develop policies which are more caring and compassionate than at present.

Valerie Easterbrook,


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