Corey Prydderch not deterred by injuries

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THE ROUND fourteen Spirit of Football award went to Swifts under seventeen footballer Corey Prydderch.
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Corey Prydderch receives his award from Constable Max Mudge.

Prydderch has only arrived at the Swifts club this year when he came across from Portland.

He is a valuable onballer with very good skills and also has a touch of pace that can get him out of trouble.

After breaking his wrist in the first 10 minutes of his first game of the season he missed 10 weeks with injury.

During this time he attended every training session and kept the kilometres in his legs.

When Prydderch came back from injury he started off in the back line and then moved into the middle where he has been averaging 30 possessions with a season high 49 possessions.

Sensitive and well liked Prydderch is an honest and reliable young man and this reward epitomises his attributes.

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Trivia triumph

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From left: Anne Waterhouse, Connie Elliott, Geoff and Jean Frost, Mark and Elizabeth Bosma, Rosalie and Bob Jones. Photo:Supplied.Last Saturday night Bowning Hall held its annual Trivia Night and knowledgeable community locals came out of the woodwork. It was wonderful to see new and familiar faces. Richard Glover once again asked the questions and Ian and Esmay Amour carefully tallied the official scoreboard points. Desnie Pack was the raffle and prize co-ordinator and was always on the ball, while Rod Pack and Geoff Baker were the evening runners. Questions came hard and fast as they say, with Table 2 powering through as the winners. The evening could not have taken place without the effort put in by the committee members.
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Generous donations towards the evening were supplied by Mayfield Mews, Bowning Hotel and Restaurant, Old and Lovely Antiques, Skillin’s Wood, RolloninCafé, Barneys Cafe at Bookham, Bogo Quary, Blue Still Distillery and committee members.

Thank you to all who attended the memorable evening and to the wonderful businesses for their selfless donations. We all look forward to next year!

Mini Music

This coming Tuesday we are starting the new program ‘Transport’. Children are encouraged to bring along a toy related to this.


On Thursday August 14, parents and their children 0- 6 are invited to the ‘Bowning and Friends’ playgroup opening day. Starting at 9.30am until 11.30am, parents are asked to bring along their children’s morning tea and drink bottle. All attending must RSVP by Wednesday August 13. Tea and coffee will be available for parents and for those who need a stronger cup our neighbouring ‘Mayfield Mews’ will delight the taste buds. A small cost of five dollars per family will go into the room’s maintenance fund.


The next Bowning Progress Association meeting will take place on August 14 in the Bowning Hall not the CWA Room as previously advertised. The meeting starts

at 7.30pm and finishes at 9pm, all community members are invited to attend. Tea and coffee will be available.

School news

* Manure bagging working bee August 16. If you can lend a hand please contact the school office for details.

* Manure drive deliveries will take place in Yass and Canberra will be on Saturday August 23 and Saturday August 30 for further information phone 6227 6093.

* Upper Division Camp Cake Stall will take place on Saturday August 30.

* School Assembly August 15 from 2.30pm in the school library, all welcome.


Anyone with photos or information they are happy to share in the Bowning Booklet please phone 0423 771 304 or organise a contact.


Volunteers will be called upon to lend a hand with the installation of the post and rail entrance in the weeks ahead depending on the weather. Keep well to all.

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House figures raise the roof

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LOOKING for a cheap home, and a quiet life away from the crush and noise of city life? The Victorian Mallee and Wimmera might be just the place for you.
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TIME TO BUY: With the median house price falling by 35 per cent in Ouyen, the unit sale price increasing by 135 per cent in Irymple and the largest percentage increase in median land prices in Red Cliffs, it’s a good time to buy or invest in the Mallee.

The latest issue of the newsletter Victorian Property, published by Victoria’s Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure, reports that while the median price for a home in metropolitan Melbourne was increasing by a hefty 7.2 per cent to $520,000 between 2012 and 2013, the median house price in Ouyen fell by 35 per cent, from $117,000 to $75,000.

But among Victorian country towns, Ouyen tied with Kaniva in third place behind Rainbow, which had the state’s lowest median house price of 65,400.

Minyip – the fictional Cooper’s Crossing for TV’s popular Flying Doctors series between 1986 and 1993 – was another low flier, coming in cheaper than Ouyen with a $73,500 median house price.

The table of the 10 cheapest places in Victoria to buy a home was rounded out by Hopetoun ($80,000), former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies birthplace, Jeparit ($80,500), Dimboola ($89,000) Murtoa ($95,000), Casterton ($97,500) and Warracknabeal ($105,000).

The biggest jump in median house prices was in the leafy heights of Sassafrass, in the Dandenongs, where an average home would now cost you at least $632,500 – a whopping 59 per cent increase on the 2012 median price of $397,500.

The difference between 2012 and 2013 would buy you three average-priced homes in Ouyen.

The median sale price of housing across country Victoria increased 67 per cent, from $173,500 in 2003 to $289,000.

For more of this story, purchase your copy of Friday’s Sunraysia Daily 08/08/2014.

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CKS Swifts continue their tough run

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THE TOUGH games continue for the CKS Swifts as they take on Harrow Balmoral in a must win game in the Horsham District Football League.
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Swifts must win tomorrow against Harrow Balmoral.

In the past five weeks Swifts have played several of the top teams and have failed to come away with a victory.

If they are to secure a top three finish, which was a club goal at the start of the year, they will need to win tomorrow.

Harrow Balmoral have won most of their games leading up to this match, but are yet to play any of the finals contenders apart from Kalkee, who had a seemingly easy victory.

Coach Ben Martin said it was all about them going into the match.

“We need to focus on playing our own football,” Martin said.

“They have been playing pretty good football, but nothing fantastic. The results will depend on whether our boys turn up to play or not.”

Swifts kicked poorly last week against the undefeated Laharum and with just four scoring shots less, they were doubled on the scoreboard.

They also had their first goalless quarter for the year and will look to start strongly against Harrow Balmoral.

Martin put the last couple of losses down to a lack of mental toughness.

“Our mental toughness is just not there,” Martin said.

“Our decision making under pressure has been shocking. That is definitely an area we need to improve on.”

Swifts will go into the game with a similar lineup to that what they took in against Laharum, but will welcome back Martin.

Martin missed last week after receiving a oneweek ban from the tribunal.

Isaac Rathgeber is likely to return to the team after missing the last couple of games with an inflamed foot.

“Isaac is a big chance to play and will add some grunt to our lineup if he does,” Martin said.

“Maybe it is someone like Isaac we have been missing. He said during the week his foot was feeling good again so hopefully he can play.”

With only two weeks to go before finals Swifts will focus on playing some fast and tough football in order to get some confidence up.

“Early in the year we beat everyone except Laharum, but in the back half of the season we haven’t defeated any of the teams in the top five,” Martin said.

“We need to win this week to get some confidence back into the group and consolidate top three. Otherwise the hard work in the first half of the year is for nothing.”

Martin knows what his team is capable of if they are able to play close to their best football at Harrow Recreational Reserve tomorrow.

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LETTER: Keep home fires burning cleanly

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DAVID Hill (‘‘Clear the air on chimney pollution’’ Letters 1/8): I completely understand where you’re coming from with your smoke issue. I get upset about it too.
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I have had a wood fire for about 25 years now and have never caused grief to any of my neighbours because of smoke issues.

It’s simple: Burn good seasoned wood, control your flue properly and make sure your chimney is at the required height for your house and there is no problem with smoke.

Philip Hatch (‘‘Defending wood fire delights’’ Letters 4/8): Yes, it’s absolutely a beautiful way to warm your home, though I disagree with your idea of it being an economical way to heat your house.

Wood is not cheap these days so to be economical I cook a lot of my meals on top of my fire, dry all our washing in front of it in wet weather and even keep a kettle of water on top for doing dishes or whatever.

A wood fire is a lot of hard work but I absolutely love it and think the extra effort is worth it.

But I do believe that respecting your neighbours with the smoke is important too.

Kym Preston,


LETTER: Time to check meter motive

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I RECENTLY received a letter from Ausgrid advising that the electricity meter installed at my house is due for maintenance and may need replacement.

I phoned the number provided and was told the hot water meter was the one in question.

If the meter tested OK, I asked, was it to be left as is? ‘‘No,’’ was the reply, ‘‘it will be replaced.’’

Pardon me for being cynical, but I suspect Ausgrid is preparing to install smart meters.

I had a run-in with Ausgrid a couple of years ago regarding ‘‘selection’’ of my house for a trial of a smart meter, telling them in no uncertain terms that I was not interested.

The situation has not changed.

The reasons or excuses given to me regarding this so-called maintenance was that they randomly check meters: Some may be faulty, so they replace the lot.

In my opinion, if the meter tests OK, it should be left alone.

Otherwise one could suspect they are targeting households where usage has been reduced to save money.

John Hanley,

Rankin Park

LETTER: Zoning rules defy logic

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MANY years ago much of Swansea was rezoned to encourage dual occupancy.

Later some of this land was rezoned to allow up to three-storey residential flats while dual occupancy was no longer permitted here.

Now Lake Macquarie City Council is not even allowing dual occupancy where it had been permitted, for example in Catherine Street (‘‘Sea-level tack ‘madness’’’ Herald 25/7).

Belmont 16 Footers owns the three-hectare site of the former Swansea Bowling Club.

This site is quite close to the disputed site in Catherine Street. Has council made this three-hectare site worthless as it can never be developed?

Council’s sea-level rise flood plans for 2100 are already being used to justify increased insurance costs.

What council is not revealing is that present day flood risks, after very heavy rain, are being made worse by council approving large-scale new developments such as the one near Cooranbong.

The state government is avoiding its responsibilities by leaving it up to councils to formulate their own individual plans for future sea-level rise thus resulting in this confusing madness.

Adam Mikka,

Caves Beach

Backstage secrets unmasked

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The Q’s program manager Stephen Pike leads a backstage tour of The Q on Monday.THE Q opened its backstage doors to the public on Monday morning for an inside scoop into the running of the iconic theatre as part of this week’s Local Government Week celebrations.
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Around 20 locals attended the free event that was hosted by the centre’s program manager Stephen Pike. Mr Pike talked about the process behind choosing the shows that play on stage at The Q, and then took the group for a backstage tour.

Plays such as ‘The Burning’, which is currently showing, are tactfully chosen through a difficult and lengthy process at least 12 months before the production hits the stage.

“We get presented with about 150 shows that are going to be potentially available to tour over usually a two-year period, so it would be 2015/16,” Mr Pike said.

“That information is accessible to all venues who are participating, so we go in and we vote for things that we think we might like to have in our venue … then they will cut that number down from 150 to about 35 to 40 shows.

“Then we have an opportunity to go and see small presentations from what they call pictures from those shows. That final 40 get about 15 minutes to pitch their show to you … then we come home from that and we vote again on the 40 that we’ve just seen and they cut that 40 down to about 25.

“In a small nutshell, that’s how it happens,” he said.

But it’s not just international companies or entrepreneurs who approach The Q with a show; Mr Pike said the local council and the Queanbeyan community also contribute to the year’s productions.

“We’ve produced two shows that Council actually produces: one play and one musical. We also haven’t forgotten the local people in the community. We try to buy a show from one of the small local theatre companies that are producing reasonably quality work.”

Canberra playwright Duncan Ley’s courtroom thriller, “The Burning”, will be playing at The Q until 10 August. For booking enquiries call (02) 6285 6290 or visit theq.net.au.

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LETTER: Anguish over tax returns

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THE government’s new E Tax 2014 does not work. Sure, it will let me answer all me questions. But it won’t let me lodge your claim.

I am no rocket scientist or computer expert, but I easily managed to do my tax return for 2012 and 2013 on my computer using E Tax.

Whoever devised this new E Tax system needs to take another look at it.

They have caused so much anger and frustration in the community, not to mention the cost of a new E Tax system that doesn’t work.

So now do we have to go back to doing our tax returns on a form and posting them to the tax department?

What a technological backwater this country is.

If a new government can’t get a simple thing right like a computer program for our tax returns, what hope do we have?

If we are lucky we might get our tax returns for last financial year before the end of this financial year.

But don’t hold your breath waiting.

Noel Bush,

Kurri Kurri

LETTER: Put major projects on hold

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SURELY the government must see that all major developments in Newcastle must be put on hold until the ICAC has finished its work (‘‘Bagged: Mayor defiant as MPs step aside’’ Herald 7/8).

This would include changing the rail line or building what I believe are ugly towers, etc.

Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.

In my opinion, until we get the ICAC findings, the suggestion that there were expectations of favours attached to the illegal donations remains, and that the process of good government decision making has been possibly compromised.

The only way forward is to wait until we know exactly who gave what to whom and also what projects they have a stake in.

Imagine how it will look for the government if it becomes clear that an illegal donor gained an advantage directly from a strange state government decision.

The move to truncate heavy rail at Wickham and replace it with trams and buses would be a perfect example.

Robin Hay,